Policies and Student Expectations


All students are required to purchase their textbooks prior to the start of the class. All textbooks are made available at Equilibrium's bookstore, located on school premises.

Each student will be charged a flat fee of $15.00 per week per course if textbooks are not purchased. Please note students will have this option only for a maximum of 3 weeks of studies.


Equilibrium is a non-smoking environment and smoking on or around school premises is forbidden. Parents/guardians of all minor students will be informed if a student will be caught smoking on or around school premises. All adult students are expected to respect the school non - smoking policy and set a good example to the rest of the student population.


  1. All students who wish to park their vehicle on Equilibrium's parking lot are required to purchase a monthly parking permit from the Registrar Office.
  2. All vehicles without the parking permit will be ticketed by the city of Calgary Parking Control officer.
  3. All students are asked to park in a courteous manner to allow for double parking.
  4. If a student does not abide by these rules he/she can have his/her parking permit revoked and be asked to park elsewhere.


  1. Equilibrium School does not accept responsibility for any damage or to the loss of items which have been left at the school property. Therefore, we strongly advise students to rent a locker.
  2. Lockers are free of charge on a first-come first-serve basis.
  3. Students must use the combination lock they were issued.
  4. Lockers are not exchangeable.
  5. Lockers must be emptied of all personal possessions by the rental end date.  Contents that are left behind in the lockers are only available for a 10 day period after the rental term has expired.  Once this period in time has passed, the renter of the locker forfeits ownership of the contents to Equilibrium School which shall dispose of the contents.
  6. By agreeing to the rental agreement and the terms and conditions, the renter agrees to undertake all obligations and duties therein.

Acceptable Attendance

The student must be present for all scheduled training in each academic term.

Expected Code of Conduct

  1. Treat fellow students, teachers, staff and guests with respect;
  2. Demonstrate tolerance for others, regardless of race, gender, physical characteristics, ethnic group, national origin, religion, disability or learning differences;
  3. Respect the rights and property of others;
  4. Contribute to the cleanliness of the school premises;
  5. Dress in a manner that is appropriate for school and demonstrates respect for yourself and others;
  6. Turn off your cell phone the moment you enter the classroom;
  7. Do not eat or drink in any of the carpeted areas, including all classrooms;
  8. Do not smoke inside, in front of or beside the building. Smoking is only permitted behind the school in the designated area.

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