Equilibrium School

Equilibrium School is a non-profit institution that has been serving our community since 1993. Equilibrium is an educational centre that promotes global education and intercultural understanding through the interaction of diverse groups of people of all ages.

Equilibrium School offers a wide range of courses to prepare students for life, college, university, and technical and business institutes. Equilibrium School helps and supports its students through the advisor program and individual counseling. Full-year, one-term, and summer programs are available. We also offer a flexible schedule: we can customize students' schedules to fit their busy lives.

Equilibrium School is pleased to offer all its programs year-round.

Equilibrium School's English Program is a Designated Learning Program and is eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit. Our DLI # is O212476866687.

Equilibrium School is a proud member of Languages Canada. Languages Canada is an association of accredited English and French Programs across Canada.

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