Equilibrium's Accent Reduction Classes

The overall aims in this course promote conscious listening and inspire clear speech within an approach that recognizes language acquisition as both a cognitive skill and a motor skill. Lessons validate the coordination of the English language sound system with muscle movements that involve breath, voice, and articulation. Lesson objectives address individual needs and ensure each client understands personal speech weaknesses, how to apply improvement techniques, and, through repetition and self-practice, how to commit learning to both intellectual memory and motor skill recall.


Instruction is cumulative. Theory and practice progress into a blueprint of English language patterns which individuals then personalize into appropriate articulation, pronunciation, and intonation. Clients realize lesson outcomes within a learner-centered class setting in which each contributor further personalizes the mechanics of the language through homework and voice recording assessments co-evaluated together with the instructor. A toolbox of tips and resources assists clients to understand language subtleties, learn new skills, unlearn old habits, and relearn techniques that nurture ongoing self-improvement. By the end of the course, clients will use their toolbox to confidently translate acquired knowledge into clear speech patterns that foster intelligible language conversation.

Upon successful completion of the Accent Reduction Course, clients will have a toolbox of principles and practices to enhance their day-to-day communication. Moreover, clients will be able to:

  • express themselves clearly by discriminating a particular sound and forming phonetic sounds into words that are clear and distinct
  • intellectually train their muscle memory to articulate words while applying appropriate sentence intonation patterns
  • facilitate the theoretical music of the English language into fluent speech rhythm
  • integrate learned skills into spontaneous, clear language habits
  • augment self-confidence through repetitive practice

  • 9 week program (36 hours of instruction)
  • One-on-one Instruction
  • Customizable Program
  • Flexible Schedule

Cost of program
If attended at Equilibrium's location or online: $2,900.00

Please note additional charges apply as follows:
Registration fee $100
Assessment fee $195
Textbooks and resources $150

Please note this program can be started any Monday

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