Equilibrium Additional Fees

Registration Fee

(One time fee per program)

$75.00             Local Students (includes foreign students living in Canada)
$200.00           International Students (when applying outside of Canada)
Placement Test Fee
$45.00              Local Students
$90.00              International Students
Letter of Acceptance Fee

Applies only to students who require the letter of acceptance for the Canadian Embassy.

N/A                  Local Students
$250.00           International Students
English Language (CLB) Assessment Fee
$195.00            Local Students
$195.00            International Students
Student Guidance and Counseling Fee

(mandatory monthly flat fee)

$30.00            Local Students
$30.00            International Students
EAL Textbooks / Resources Fee
Additional fees apply for each course, please check with the main office for more details. All textbooks and resources are available at our bookstore.

Each student will be charged a flat fee of $15.00 per week per course if textbooks are not purchased. Please note students will have this option only for a maximum of 3 weeks of studies.
Medical Coverage

(Proof of medical insurance is mandatory)

Equilibrium School will obtain medical and liability insurance coverage for a student if required.

Please check with the main office to obtain a quote.

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