Equilibrium's Basic Literacy Program

The Basic Literacy Program is designed for English as an Additional Language speakers lacking basic literacy skills who are seeking work in Canada. It's a program that is recommended for students with pre CLB levels and/or CLB 1 to 2 in all categories. The program addresses all four aspects of the English language. It targets students with a significant discrepancy between listening and speaking benchmarks (2 and above) and reading and writing (pre-Benchmark). The components of the program are:

  1. Listening and Speaking: Developing listening comprehension to demonstrate comprehension of specific information in simple directions and instructions; demonstrate understanding of clear, simple English regarding familiar topics in simplified, interactive situations. Developing fluency in speaking to allow students to participate in simple activities regarding familiar topics and be able to use simple conversational expressions and non-verbal cues in simple conversations. Developing accuracy in speaking by using correct grammatical structures appropriate for the level as well as the use a few pronunciation and intonation patterns to communicate accurately.
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  3. Reading: Teaching reading for meaning by exposing students to different types of texts. Teaching reading comprehension strategies to understand simple text. Developing vocabulary by teaching simple patterns of word structure to determine meaning of unfamiliar words as well as teaching how to use resources to build vocabulary. Developing research skills to locate key information in simple texts and find, record, and organize key information
  4. Writing: Teaching proper formation of the letters and numbers in the Roman Alphabet. Teaching writing for different purposes. Teaching how to organize ideas in writing. Developing Accuracy in Writing. Teaching how to use the writing process.

  • One-on-one Instruction
  • Customizable Program
  • Flexible Schedule

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