Coaching for High Impact Communication

High Impact Communications is helping employees to realize their potential.

Equilibrium School will ensure that employees will:
  • Place more emphasis on identifying strengths rather than highlighting weaknesses
  • Develop activities focused on mastering current and potential strengths, as well as managing weaknesses
  • Establish the capabilities required to be successful in the current role
  • Be given opportunity to clarify expectations around their roles and goals
  • Plan and Organize Professional Presentations
    Develop more effective openings and closings Organize thoughts and materials more effectively Build more credibility through use of evidence and visuals
  • Create and Maintain Positive Impressions
    Present a pleasing appearance – vice and body language Build rapport with an audience Develop the ability to work with challenging audience
  • Be Confident when Making Presentations
    Become more flexible and interesting as a presenter Be seen as a competent presenter Identify mannerisms that either enhance or detract from an effective presentation Develop the individual, natural style that will help individuals become more dynamic in front of a group
  • Communicate Ideas with Clarity and Force
    Speak more clearly and concisely Speak with conviction
  • Sell Ideas and Inspire others
    Use information to sell an idea Capitalize on challenging question-and-answer session

  • 9 week program (36 hours of instruction)
  • One-on-one sessions available
  • Flexible schedule to accommodate your busy life

Cost of program
If attended at Equilibrium's location or online: $2,900.00

Please note additional charges apply as follows:
Registration fee $100
Assessment fee $195
Textbooks and resources $150

Please note this program can be started any Monday

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