In Loving Memory of Dina Salivan

Dina Lee Salivan passed away peacefully on Saturday, June 2, 2018 after a long and courageous journey with cancer.

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Pay It Forward Like Dina Would

Equilibrium School proudly adopted Dina Salivan's Pay It Forward idea as our school motto on May 16, 2018.

Dina Salivan was a close friend of three of our teachers who had only a short time left after a terminal cancer diagnosis. She made the most of her life and didn't let her illness bring her down. Wanting to spread that feeling of joy, Dina wrote a letter, sending it to all her friends and attaching a sum of money, encouraging them to Pay it Forward to help her make the world a better place.

We took on this motto for our school and "paid it forward" to our students to keep her legacy alive. Wednesday May 16th was all about Dina and Pay It Forward. We were very lucky that she was feeling well enough to attend our celebration. Equilibrium School surprised its students with a $5.00 note and encouraged them to perform a random act of kindness in the future.

Equilibrium School is inspired by Dina and Pay it Forward and will continue to do random acts of kindness from now on.

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