School Ready 101

Course Description

This course will prepare students for their return to formal learning after being away from school for a considerable amount of time. Course topics will include how to transform a space into a learning-friendly environment, effective note-taking and study tactics, how to stay focused and on track, and how to self-advocate for the best and most successful academic experience possible. Overall, this course will develop the comfort and confidence learners need prior to beginning an academic journey.

This course is designed to develop personal discipline skills as well as confidence in navigating an academic journey. Significant attention will be given to developing tools and resources that will enhance the learning process.

  • 2 Week Program (24 hours of Instruction)
  • Customizable Program
  • Flexible Schedule

Cost of program
If attended at Equilibrium's location or online: $1,135.00

Please note additional charges apply as follows:
Registration fee $75
Resources $55

Please note this program can be started any Monday

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