Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Program (10 months)

The curriculum of the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Certification Program at Equilibrium School is based on Canadian Federal and Provincial occupational health and safety requirements for the workplace. The program allows students to develop awareness and knowledge to evaluate workplace health and safety programs and systems focused on the prevention of occupational injury, illness, and loss.  The certifications gained throughout this program position each participant with essential legislated skills and knowledge which valued deeply by potential employers in Canada and throughout the world.
The Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Certification Program at Equilibrium School is composed of modules based on the topics listed below:

1. Health and Safety Management - Students will develop skills and overall competency with concepts such as: management commitment, hazard identification / assessment / control, worker competency and training, work site inspections, incident reporting and investigation, emergency response, and program administration.

2. Workplace Hazards and Control – This aspect of the program focuses more expansively on hazard assessment / identification and control responsibilities as well as effective hazard control practices and techniques.

3. Communication and Training – Students will expand and build upon their knowledge bases regarding “right to know”, joint health and safety committees, workplace training.

4. WHMIS program development and certification (Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

5. Red Cross Standard First aid and AED certification and OHS first aid responsibilities

6. Emergency Response – The aspect of the program gives students crucial knowledge with regards to emergency response planning and employer / worker responsibilities.

Students will obtain following certificates at the end of the program:

  1. Red Cross standard first aid CPR/AED certification
  2. WHMIS certification
  3. Emergency Response and Fire extinguisher competency certification
  4. Basic Occupational Health and Safety certification

The program is designed to be completed after the conclusion of TWO standard academic semesters of five months each.

This program is offered in collaboration with MGK Safety Solutions.

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