Equilibrium Tutoring

We offer tutoring services in:

Math, Science
English, Social Studies
English as an Additional Language, at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
GED (General Educational Development test)
Trade Entrance Exam (TEE)

All students are asked to pay for their sessions up front. Only after full payment is made can sessions be scheduled. We accept personal cheques, e-transfers and cash as forms of payment.

All students are asked to pay for at least 3 tutoring sessions when registering in the tutoring program.

All tutoring sessions have to be cancelled at least 24 hours before the session time. Otherwise, the student will be charged for the tutoring session as if he/she would have attended it.

All tutoring sessions take place at Equilibrium: 707 14 St NW, Calgary.

Please email us at school@equilibrium.ab.ca or call 403-283-1111 for more information.

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